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Image by Candace Hunter from Pixabay 

Why Neighborhoods are Important

While seldom considered, neighborhoods are critical to the life and health of its residents and the wellbeing of our community.


Neighborhoods – whether in cities, suburbs, or rural areas – have a major impact on our lives. Studies have shown that neighborhoods impact our physical and mental health, and even our life expectancy. Neighborhoods help determine the richness and liveliness of our social interactions, as well as play a major role in forming our identities, including our dreams, hopes, and aspirations.


Neighborhoods also have a major impact on our metropolitan community. Individually, neighborhoods are the building blocks, while collectively they complete the structure of our community. Each neighborhood -- unique in its own shape and size, topography and geography, culture and history --  helps to define the identity, framework and livability of our entire community.

Neighbors Working Together Makes a Huge Difference

Imagine, if you will, our metropolitan community as a living quilt. Each patch is a neighborhood with its own unique shape and size, topography and geography, culture and history. All quilts need to be cared for in order to maintain their quality. Living quilts not only need to be maintained but can even be improved over time. This requires loving hands, hearts and minds working together to preserve the rich diversity of our living quilt.


We need caretakers in every neighborhood working together to preserve and improve their patch (their neighborhood). Let’s face it, who is going to care for a neighborhood more than the people who live there? 

When neighbors come together and everyone contributes, connections are formed, relationships nurtured, and issues are addressed that lead to stronger and better neighborhoods.


Active neighborhood organizations bring with it their own benefits: neighborhoods are generally safer and better cared for, they are better represented in local government, and receive more consistent government support and services. Neighborhood groups make a huge difference.


When neighbors work together to make a positive difference in their own neighborhoods, it benefits not only the individual neighborhoods, but the entire community. We become stronger and more resilient. Our community becomes a great community.

Here's Why You Matter...

Every action you take affects the world around you. You can make a difference right where you live -- and your actions will have a ripple effect.

When you walk out the door, there you are in your neighborhood.  What you say there, what you do there, is important -- no matter who you are.


There’s plenty to do. Your efforts, combined with your neighbors can create a safer neighborhood, make it more beautiful and environmentally-friendly, ensure that development matches the character and needs of the neighborhood, motivate a more responsive government with better representation, preserve its history and culture, create community, care for neighbors in need, develop a strong neighborhood organization that works for its people.


You may want to start out slowly. Say, “Hello,” to your neighbors. Get to know the neighbors nearest your home. Drive the speed limit and stop at stop signs. These things may seem simple, but they can have a powerful effect on the quality of life in your neighborhood.


What gifts do you have? What passions? Find ways to use your gifts and passions for the good of the neighborhood. There is always a way if you are willing to take action.


Neighbor 2 Neighbor can help you and your neighbors. We are here to support your efforts to make a positive difference in your neighborhood.

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