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Why Neighbor 2 Neighbor?

Neighbor 2 Neighbor, founded and led by neighborhood leaders is laser-focused on helping residents and neighborhood organizations succeed.


We are a local nonprofit organization committed to supporting the efforts of local residents and neighborhood organizations.


For over twenty-five years, we have offered training and networking opportunities, consultation and referrals, and worked together with our neighbors on collaborative activities.


At our core, we believe that residents are the ones who know their neighborhood best. There must be meaningful neighborhood involvement in any decisions affecting the place they call home

Here's How We Can Support
You and Your Neighbors...

Neighbor 2 Neighbor equips residents and neighborhood organizations with the tools they need to preserve and improve the quality of life within their neighborhoods.

  1. Training and Networking Opportunities


We offer a wide range of training and networking activities to support residents and neighborhood organizations in the hard work of preserving and improving their neighborhoods.


Our Neighborhood Leadership Certificate Programs provide the next level of learning for individuals seeking to amplify their impact. These programs focus on developing the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to succeed.

Our Neighborhood Delivery Service brings customized training and networking opportunities to your neighborhood. These opportunities can be as short at 10 minutes and as long as a day depending on your needs.

Throughout the year, we offer special training and networking opportunities that include the Good Neighbor Day Festival, Conference for Neighborhoods (C4N Nashville), Quarterly Neighborhood Leadership Forums and our Biennial Conference on Neighborhood Disaster Preparedness and Response.

2.  Consultation and Referrals


We consult with neighborhood organizations on a wide range of issues such as crime and public safety, beautification, planning and development, housing and transportation, neighborhood preservation and revitalization, gentrification and displacement, green spaces and places to play, diversity and inclusion, and most recently disaster preparedness and response.


Residents seeking to start or restart their neighborhood organization will find a committed partner in Neighbor 2 Neighbor. We will work with you to help you get your organization up and running and moving forward.


We have an extensive network of community partners that includes neighborhood organizations, elected officials and government agencies, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and corporations. We are happy to provide referrals to assist you in obtaining the support you need.

3. Collaborative Projects

We bring together neighborhood leaders and organizations, community partners, and other stakeholders to collaborate on issues relevant to our local neighborhoods. Examples of past projects include Metro

Planning Think Tank, State of Metro Neighborhoods Report, and our biennial Census of Neighborhood Organizations.

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