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Continental Breakfast with Candidate Meet & Greet

You’ve made the effort to get up early on a Saturday morning. The least we can do is make you a sensational breakfast. Join us as we start the morning off with a county-wide Candidate Meet & Greet.

Opening Plenary

NEIGHBORHOODS: Where Neighbors Make the Difference

Presented by Holland & Knight

The greatness of each neighborhood resides in its neighbors. Where neighbors are actively involved, neighborhoods are usually safer, healthier, more connected and better represented. Join us as we further explore this year’s theme.

Conference Luncheon

Celebrating 60 Years of Metrpolitan Government

Presented by Google Fiber

April 1st marks the 60th anniversary of what we know as our Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County. In 1962, voters across Nashville and Davidson County approved the charter for the new consolidated government, and it made our metropolitan community a pioneer in Metropolitan organization. The citizens voted to create the first fully-unified government in the United States. While there had been other cities to attempt the consolidation or achieved partial consolidation but, after this milestone in our history - our new charter became a model for future consolidated governments across the country.


The Honorable John Cooper, ninth Mayor of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County, will speak. During the luncheon we will announce the 2023 Recipient of the Trew Neighbor Award as well as several other significant awards.

This luncheon, as is all events listed here, is included in the regitration fee for the conference.

Mayoral Candidates Forum on Neighborhoods

Presented by AARP of Tennessee

What a better way to honor the 60th anniversary of our Metropolitan Government than hosting a mayoral candidates forum on what is most important — our neighbors and our neighborhoods. All registered candidates will be invited to participate in the forum.


The following announced candidates have accepted our invitation: Natisha Brooks, Fran Bush, Jim Gingrich, Sharon Hurt, Freddie O’Connell, Gilbert Ramirez, Alice Rolli, Lorenzo Short, Matt Wiltshire, and Jeff Yarbro.


The forum will be moderated by Twana Chick (Cane Ridge Community Club) and Van Pinnock (College Hill Neighborhood Association). Participants will have the opportunity to submit written questions prior to the conference.


ROUND 1 (8:40 AM - 10:00 AM)

Nurturing a Neighborhood Culture of Engaged Residents

Presented by Vanderbilt University

Session Leaders: Mike Hodge and Jim Hawk (Co-Facilitators)

People who are passionate about effective neighborhood organizing are most concerned about the process of bringing neighbors and other key stakeholders together in order to create positive change in their neighborhood. However, in most neighborhoods, less than 1% of the residents actually participate in their neighborhood organization. In this session, we will be discussing how to plant and nurture a culture of engaged residents.

Participants of this session will have the opportunity to continue this conversation through an additional three-hour workshop held during the summer.

Creating a Neighborhood Safety Campaign

Session Leaders: Michelle Coker, Thomas Dodson, and Tamika White (Co-Facilitators)

A neighborhood safety campaign moves important safety messages from your monthly or quarterly neighborhood meetings into the homes of our neighbors. It is tailor-made by you and your neighborhood organization specifically for your neighbors. During this session, we’ll talk about what a safety campaign looks like and how to go about creating one. In reality, this process can be used to get out any message important to the neighborhood group.

Our Inadequate Infrastructure: Challenges, Possibilities, and Best Practices

Presented by Piedmont Natural Gas

Session Leader: Khalil Ekulona (Panel Moderator)

Panelists: Sonia Allman, Fabian Bedne, Brad Freeze, and Steve Lopez

The rapid development of our Metropolitan area is taxing existing, and often antiquated, infrastructure systems such as our power grid, roads, storm drains, and sewers. Capital budget allocations are too low to meet identified infrastructure needs, and some policies enable property developers to evade paying their full share of infrastructure costs associated with their developments. During this session, we’ve invited the key leadership responsible for our infrastructure to address these issues.

A Neighborhood-Based Approach to Homelessness

Presented by Metro Homeless Impact Division

Session Leader: Jay Voorhees (Dialogue Facilitator)

Guests: DeDe Byrd, April Calvin, and Ryan LaSuer

Where homelessness used to be an "urban" issue reserved for downtown, these days people experiencing homelessness are found in every part of our Metro area and require neighbors to work together to address the unique contexts of their community. Jay Voorhees, Lead Pastor of the City Road Chapel United Methodist Church, will lead a conversation with Nashvillians who are working to develop neighborhood approaches to meeting the needs of persons experiencing homelessness in their communities.

The Big Green Umbrella: Ways to "Green" Your Neighborhood

Presented by WM

Session Leader: Tranyce Parmer (Panel Moderator)

Panelists: Keith Benion, Troy Vaughn

Eco-friendly neighborhoods contribute to a healthier environment. Local projects at the neighborhood level can provide residents with various pathways to greener, more eco-responsible living spaces. Whether it's planting trees and wildflowers, upping your recycling game, or making strides in reducing your carbon footprints, you can join in the discussion as our panelists show us life under the 'Big Green Umbrella.'

ROUND 2 (10:10 AM - 11:30 AM)

A Conversation with Planning Commission Chair Greg Adkins

Presented by WM

Session Leader: E Kelly Sanford (Moderator)

Guest: Greg Adkins

The Planning Commission plays a powerful role in the development of our local neighborhoods. For many neighborhood leaders, second Thursdays mean only one thing: another Planning Commission Public Hearing. If you have any interest in how it all works and what you can do to impact decisions, join us for this important conversation with Planning Commission Chair Greg Adkins. While Mr. Adkins will not be able to speak about any matters before the commission, he will be able to give general insights into the decision-making process and what impacts their decisions.

More than Pouring Concrete: Addressing the Issues and Challenges of Sidewalks

Presented by Nashville Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure

Session Leader: JS Bolton

Panelists: Angie Henderson, Wesley Smith, and TBD

4,700 miles of sidewalks are missing, pedestrian dangers have skyrocketed, and only 4 miles a year are being built. Now, it’s no secret that the lack of sidewalks is a constant complaint from residents. There have been many discussions, focus groups, and plans, but the problem remains. During this session, we’ve invited the key leadership responsible for sidewalks to speak with us about the issues and challenges of sidewalks and how we can build sidewalks faster.

Affordable Housing: Who, What, Where, When, and Why

Presented by The Housing Fund

Session Leader: Eddie Latimer (Presenter)

You’ve probably heard the terms “affordable housing” and “workforce housing” on the news, at a neighborhood meeting, or from a developer wanting to build housing in your neighborhood. There is often a lot of confusion about exactly what kind of housing this refers to. This session will answer basic questions about what affordable housing is (and is not), how it is created, and what neighborhoods can do to welcome affordable housing in their neighborhood.

Digging into the History of Your Neighborhood

Presented by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

Session Leader: Tony Gonzalez (Facilitator)

Our neighborhoods are rapidly evolving, and knowing the history of your neighborhood can hold both cultural and personal significance. Capturing the history of your neighborhood before it’s lost forever is important. In this session, we’ll explore strategies and simple techniques you can use to research the history of your neighborhood. We will also brainstorm ways to share that history with your neighbors and the larger community.

Transit: Building a System that Works for Our Neighbors and Neighborhoods

Presented by WeGo Public Transit

Session Leader: Jessica Dauphin

Most cities have outdated public transportation systems, and it is almost impossible to get around except in a car. In the past, cities have favored building new roads and highways. Nashville needs strategies for easier, safer, more affordable mobility options beyond personal cars. Help create better solutions in this workshop by sharing your own challenges and learning more about alternative modes of transportation.


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Special Thanks to Piedmont Natural Gas for underwriting the cost of video recording the conference sessions.

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