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C4N Nashville is a one-day networking and educational opportunity for people who want to make a positive difference right where they live.


Some of the highlights include:


Fresh baked muffins, bagels, danishes with spreads; whole seasonal fresh fruit; freshly brewed coffee (decaffeinated option); and a hot tea selection.

EXHIBIT HALL -- Presented by WeGo Public Transit

Featuring government and nonprofit organizations offering resources to help residents preserve and improve their neighborhoods

OPENING PLENARY -- Presented by Piedmont Natural Gas

Bringing all of the participants together and set the stage for the day


Eleven (11) session on a wide range of topics focused on neighborhood issues. See "Breakout Session Descriptions," in the next section.

AWARDS LUNCHEON -- Presented by Google Fiber

Honoring residents and neighborhood organizations working to make a positive difference.


Food, fun, and informal conversations with the people you met throughout the day.


ROUND 1 (9:40 AM)

The Power of Neighbors Working Together (A-1)

Presented by Vanderbilt University

Session Leaders: Alexa Little (Host), Alex Abels, Ruby Baker and Monchiere' Holmes-Jones


Is there something in your neighborhood that you think could be better? Do you want to do something about it, but know you can't do it alone? We'll visit with three neighborhood leaders who have successfully worked with their neighbors to address challenges facing their neighborhood. Come find out what they did and how they did it. This is an excellent session for beginners.

Environmental Justice in Our Neighborhoods (A-2)

Session Leaders: Amanda Garcia (Host), Joyce George, and Bobby Stockard

Beginning with an historical overview, participants will hear first hand accounts of how specific neighborhoods, as well as entire sections of our metropolitan community, were adversely impacted by racist and discriminatory practices resulting in devastating, long-term environmental injuries. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore the legal and informal routes to address the environmental injustices such as, bearing the brunt of toxic pollution, enduring underinvestment in infrastructure and critical services, and suffering disproportionate impacts from climate change.

Healthy Aging in Our Neighborhoods (A-3)

Presented by Nashville General Hospital and Nashville Healthcare Center

Session Leaders: Rita Martell (Host), Keith Branson, Dianne Oliver, Grace Sutherland-Smith

The famous poet, Robert Browning wrote, “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be; the last of life, for which the first was made.” Amazingly, by 2034, the United States is predicted to have more people over 65 than under 18 for the first time in our history. In view of the growth of metropolitan community, how can our neighborhoods in particular, and our metropolitan area in general, prepare for the aging of our population? We will address this critical question and many more in this insightful, informative session.

An Introduction to Metro Council and How it Works (A-4)

Session Leaders: Vice Mayor and President of Metro Council Angie Henderson

Our metropolitan community has the largest governing body in the state, and the third-largest council in the country. As President of the Metropolitan Council, Vice Mayor Angie Henderson will speak about the role that the Council plays, how it transacts official business, the difference between a resolution and an ordinance, how and when public hearings are conducted and how you can voice your opinions, and the role and responsibilities of individual council members.

ROUND 2 (10:50 AM)

Reimagining Public Safety for Our Neighborhoods (B-1)

Presented by the American Institutes for Research

Session Leaders: Cassy Blakely (Host), Lt. Michelle Coker, Jim Hawk, Ron Johnson, and Jeff Stark

At the core of public safety is the prevention of and protection from events that could endanger the safety and security of the public from significant danger, injury, or property damage. Many Davidson County residents have at one time or another been in contact with one of our local public safety agencies, such as MNPD, NFD, OEM, the EMT services, or the Red Cross. This session brings together members of our local public safety teams, who will share information on how we, as a community can work together to improve the safety of our neighborhoods.

The Great Neighborhood Cleanup (B-2)

Presented by the Metro Beautification and Environment Commission

Session Leaders: JD Lane and Michael McClanahan

The Great American Cleanup began more than 25 years ago as a litter cleanup initiative designed to improve our environment by creating cleaner parks, streetscapes, and public spaces through litter removal and elimination. In neighborhoods across Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County, our own Clean-up Campaign is encouraging residents to join in the efforts to “Keep Nashville Beautiful.” This workshop will provide all the information you’ll need to help put litter in its place.

Metro Planning and Zoning: The Next 25 Years (B-3)

Session Leaders: Kate Parrish (Host), Twana Chick, Council Member Jennifer Gamble, Gordon Stacy Harmon, and John Houghton

What is the current state of planning for Metro? Is it time for a new zoning code (our current one has been in place for 25 years)? How does planning and zoning intersect with our hopes to build stronger neighborhoods? In this facilitated dialogue, we will seek to answer these and many more questions about the future of planning and zoning in our community.

ROUND 3 (1:25 PM)

Building Healthier Neighborhoods (C-1)

Presented by Nashville General Hospital and Nashville Healthcare Center

Session Leaders: Rev. Ella Clay (Host), Vicki Harris, Dr. Rosemary Nabaweesi

A healthy community is one in which all residents have access to a quality education, safe and healthy homes, adequate employment, transportation, physical activity, and nutrition, in addition to quality health care. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to engage with our presenters who will share practical, relevant, and innovative ways to build a healthier neighborhood, one household at a time.

Expanding and Enhancing Public Green Spaces for Our Neighborhoods (C-2)

Presented by HCA Healthcare | TriStar Health

Session Leaders: Louise C. Bryan and Amy Crownover

Green and open spaces come in many familiar forms like parks, greenways, playgrounds, nature trails, community gardens, natural areas and public plazas. Creating more green spaces throughout our metropolitan area can not only add natural beauty to our community, but can also improve the health and well-being of our residents, increase biodiversity, and reduce flooding, heat islands and air pollution. Together, with the leaders from some of our local nonprofits, we will explore how we can all work together to increase and enhance our county’s public green spaces.

Getting From Here to There: Walking, Biking, and Taking the Bus (C-3)

Presented by Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT)

Session Leaders: Daniel McDonell (Host), Jess Dauphin, Brad Freeze, and Meredith Montgomery

Davidson County pedestrians, cyclists, and commuters currently share approximately 5,700+ travel lane miles of public roadways and rights-of-way, 800+ linear miles of sidewalk, and 100+ miles of bike lanes and shared routes, and we know that getting around the county is not easy, regardless of your method. How can we ensure that people have the ability to move from place to place safely and accessibly? In this interactive workshop, residents, staff from local nonprofits, and NDOT will work together to develop strategies to help us to arrive safely from here to there.

Davidson County General Sessions Court and Neighborhoods (C-4)

Session Leaders: Judge Robin Kimbrough-Hayes (Host), Joseph P. Day, Howard Gentry

Judge Robin Kimbrough-Hayes will preside over this informative yet informal conversation about the daily workings of the General Sessions Court of Davidson County. General Sessions Court is vested with a broad range of jurisdiction and is often the public’s first introduction to the judicial process. This Court handles both criminal matters and civil lawsuits. Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry and Circuit Court Clerk Joseph P. Day will also be present.


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